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summary: Tier Two High Hazard Zones
tags: ["Drought","Tree Mortality","Hazard","Watershed"]
snippet: Tier Two High Hazard Zones
type: Map Service
accessInformation: USFS, CAL FIRE
guid: F0D640A0-4B34-49FD-8540-04B3AFDD0253
title: Tier Two High Hazard Zones
thumbnail: thumbnail/thumbnail.png
extent: [[-124.057836957286,32.6296559187228],[-116.414046768017,42.0846713768449]]
description: These are high hazard zones defined by watersheds (HUC 12, average 24,000 acres) that have significant tree mortality as well as significant community and natural resource assets. Work at the Tier 2 level addresses the immediate threat of falling trees and fire risk, and also supports broader forest health and landscape level fire planning issues.
name: DE_HHZTier2
typeKeywords: ["Data","Service","Map Service","ArcGIS Server"]
spatialReference: WGS_1984_Web_Mercator_Auxiliary_Sphere
culture: en-US